22 Stories | Logo Design

The logo was designed around a few objectives ‘young’, ‘fun’, ‘vibrant’, ‘entertainment’, ‘story’. The 22 had to be a mystery and hence is used in an unusual manner to form an old movie projector. The idea behind a movie projector was entertainment. Life is from the time of Adam as most religions believe, and hence is old, therefore depicting life in the form of a movie is what this logo shows. The colours yellow and which is known to have effects on the nervous system of humans is used to indicate that rush and adrenaline everyone talent needs to further improve it. Blue is the colour known to soothe and calm down a person and hence was used to represent the calm personality everyone has deep inside. Blue & Yellow together balances the rush and the calm factor of the logo.

Testimonial : "Irfan Intekhab is blessed with extra ordinary talent when it comes to his designs. I have fallen in love with the logo of my website that he has made for me. Right form the colors to the concept erything seems to be perfect. His designs look simple, classic, and beautiful at the same time. I have been his client for sometime now and he is extremely professional in meeting deadlines.To get the best out of him, he should be left alone with his creativity without much of instruction. I would definitely recommend him for his work and wish him well always." - Faraaz Zubairy, COO, 22 Stories.
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