As She Bloomed

A woman grew as if from a seedling in possession of every prerequisite for its cultivation, yet unaware of the force its roots could withstand, unaware of its own gift; Her resilience as if disguised as compelling innocence.

Ploughing through soiled oblivion, she sprouted and surfaced, exposing herself to earthly, and predominantly societal traditions, norms, and values -that shaped her, made her, moulded her, and on occasions broke her

An amalgamation of events gave way to germination and gradually led her to the evolution of fascicles of emotions: from exhilaration to melancholy, compassion to impassiveness, shyness to firmness, and from love to repugnance.

With time, she found herself on a boulevard to progression in search of nutrients that imparted happiness, so she could bud flowers of joy. Encountering a torrent of failures, however, she experienced an unexplainable state of turmoil; She turned to light and ached for relief.

Summers of light-shed introspection and regeneration later, she finally knew relief; for she had finally arrived to the fertile ground of realisation that the nutrients of happiness were deep-rooted within her from the very time of her nativity; in the morning tear, the precious dew drop that she mistook for sheer absurdity. She henceforth thrived and she bloomed; and boy did she bloom extraordinarily.

Summer turned to spring, and the growth of a beautiful woman --a woman once unenlightened, a woman once unaware of the origin of happiness, once unaware of the power her roots withheld-- eventually reached its strongest, tree-tall apex of progression for she now had attained fulfilled wisdom. Wisdom that taught her how to bloom; wisdom that taught her that if she incessantly looked for happiness elsewhere, it would never hold its roots where she was she bloomed.

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