"Irfan happens to be my very first photographer, we In fact started our careers together. I've seen him work with bare minimum equipment in his initial days and give startling remarkable results - it's this quality that draws me to work with him repeatedly. He is also a perfectionist with no time constraints. I feel at peace when we work together because he understands the mood of every shoot and digs right in. Our collaborations have always been successful because of the mutual trust we share and it's very rare to make such a connection in today's world"
- Archana Rao, Fashion Designer

"A master behind the camera, indeed a very talented man! A very professional and skillful photographer. A person with a brilliant artistic approach and knowledge. Working with Irfan was fun and effortless, he makes sure that he makes all the people in the team comfortable with very thing."
- Alisha Sarna, Designer
"It was an amazing experience working with you and I love the way you're so passionate about your work that you just get lost into it haha all your clicks are nothing less than perfect. You're Mr. Perfectionist as I call you. Keep up the amazing work 👍🏼
If you wouldn't have portrayed it well I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now cause make up is nothing if it's not ayed well. Thanks a ton 🐥🐥😀
- Zeba Hasan, Makeup Artist

"I absolutely loved working for Irfan. He's got amazing photography skills. Not everyone is as patient and understanding as he is. He learnt my personality , understood it. And the result turned out to be great, I loved myself in every photo he clicked. Good luck, Irfan. Way to go!!"
- Tahera, Business Student
"Its been a pleasure working with irfan. His Creativity , dedication and professionalism adds to his talent. Its been a great experience to work with him.. where minute details to product design and concept are closely looked into and are put as priority. Happy using the services and surely looking forward to work more in future!!"
- Fatima, Fashion Groomer