Fashion Designers
"Irfan happens to be my very first photographer, we, In fact, started our careers together. I've seen him work with bare minimum equipment in his initial days and give startling remarkable results - it's this quality that draws me to work with him repeatedly. He is also a perfectionist with no time constraints. I feel at peace when we work together because he understands the mood of every shoot and digs right in. Our collaborations have always been successful because of the mutual trust we share and it's very rare to make such a connection in today's world"
- Archana Rao
"A master behind the camera, indeed a very talented man! A very professional and skilful photographer. A person with a brilliant artistic approach and knowledge. Working with Irfan was fun and effortless, he makes sure that he makes all the people in the team comfortable with very thing."
- Alisha Sarna
Fashion Bloggers & Other Creative Professionals
Irfan is by far the most organised and professional photographer I've worked with. The amount of work and dedication he puts into every shot is commendable. His work speaks wonders of his love for photography. Even though I've shot with him only once, I'm sure he'll go places in life because of his skill and perseverance.
- Tanusha Bajaj
Makeup Artists
Asking Irfan to help capture our first Eid concept video was the best decision we ever made. His concept, vision , and execution ensured we had exactly what we imagined captured beautifully on camera. Rarely does one come across such dedicated individuals; committed to perfection. Thank-you Irfan for the beautiful video and stunning shots of our model.
- Samah
A Brilliant Passionate Photographer who has super positive vibes on the sets.Always open for suggestions/feedback and is Quick too(i like that the most :p)
A total creative Perfectionist, just what this city needs badly! 
Hoping to work with you more often ;) Cheers!!
- Afsha Rangila
"It was an amazing experience working with you and I love the way you're so passionate about your work that you just get lost into it, haha all your clicks are nothing less than perfect. You're Mr Perfectionist as I call you. Keep up the amazing work 👍🏼
If you wouldn't have portrayed it well I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now cause makeup is nothing if it's not portrayed well. Thanks a ton 🐥🐥😀

- Zeba Hasan
Models & People I Photographed or Worked With
"I absolutely loved working for Irfan. He's got amazing photography skills. Not everyone is as patient and understanding as he is. He learnt my personality, understood it. And the result turned out to be great, I loved myself in every photo he clicked. Good luck, Irfan. Way to go!!"
- Tahera
Irfan, you're impeccable with your work! I've never seen someone so versatile as yet and all your pictures are a treat to the eye.
I'm so glad to have done such an amazing shoot with you. I'm counting days for the magazine cover! I'm sure you're gonna go places with your perseverance and excellent knowledge of photography. I was shocked seeing every image you clicked of me as each of them was one better than the other!
Thanks a lot and looking forward to working with you more often!
Cheers! Keep rockin it, buddy! 🤗
- Ashna Misra, Model
Irfan is the most humble and down to earth photographer I have met with a vision with which I feel he will go a very long way. I did my pre pregnancy photoshoot with him.. and it turned out to be perfect just the way I wanted it to be.. he made us feel so comfortable and made sure everything turned out well.. what I really love about him is that he puts his heart in his work.. he comes on time and also edits the photos till early morning which shows his dedication and passion towards what he is doing.. Irfan last but not the least I'd like to thank you for everything you have captured for us.. they were the most memorable moment for us. and with so many photographers being around I feel choosing you was the best decision I made. Wishing you all the best for everything 💕
- Saba