I recently visited Kuwait, took some photographs and sharing with you all. Please note that all these photographs are captures using mobile devices (BlackBerry Classic, Nokia XL, iPhone 6). So the quality might not be best. Please dont forget to appreciate :)
Mubarakiya Market is one of the oldest market in Kuwait. Now after renovation, it still maintains that old feel
Liberation Tower, once being the hgihest rise in Kuwait can be seen from this market. 
I found this pattern on a building. A typical middle eastern artistic pattern
Even though Kuwait is an Arabic dominant country, there are other languages visible in some parts of the kingdom. 
A graffiti on a bus that sells sandwiches in the morning
i couldnt resist clicking a picture of all these delicious bakery items. 
Kuwait Towers
A tiny pier at Marina Beach
Kuwait City skyline visible from the marina beach
I sometimes like to over exaggerate my contast. Just for that unreal, dreamy feel. :) 
(this is the only picture thats processed this way in this series)
The view from the pier
Entering Kuwait City area. It was cloudy and the sky was dramatic
This is an area in Kuwait City. Its probably the busiest place in whole of Kuwait, filled mostly with Indians and Phillipino people. This place is packed!
Outer areas of Masjid Al Kabeer
Dome Inside Masjid Al Kabeer
Pillars of Masjid Al Kabeer outside corridor
Inside area of Masjid Al Kabeer
view of the Gulf Road area from a pier
same view during afternoon
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