"Gifted, thats the word i would use to describe Irfan Intekhab.I had a very brief conversation with him about designing a logo for my coffee shop; the same day in the evening he sent me a questionnaire the next day he mailed me the design.The best thing was that it was so simple working with him.I had meetings with other people before for my logo who showed up with their i pads and laptops and all they did was yap.We had long conversations about my preferences and they took over a week to come up with something which did not impress me.Thats why the best part about doing business with Irfan was it was very simple the first design he sent me was the one i chose as it was unique.I myself did not expect such an awesome result.Mostly all the designs i got were with different coffee mugs and my coffee shops name written in some fancy font.I have got so many compliments from my customers regarding the logo, and they get further  blown away when i describe to them what the logo means and represents. Infact i got so tired of explaining to my customers what the logo represents...that i printed the entire data(explanation) given to me by irfan behind my menu.I would really recommend him for someone looking at designs that are out of the box and unique :)." - Hameed Khan, Owner, Rabaat.
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